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To get a custom quote for Storm Stoppers for your home please complete the form with your window and door measurements. The cost for Storm Stoppers is determined by the yield of your window sizes on our oversized 65 x 108” (49 square feet) and 76 x 85” (45 square feet) Storm Stoppers kits. If you need some help, please watch the ‘How to Measure‘ video.

  • Watch the How to Install Video
  • Watch How to Measure Video (right) and measure all your windows
  • Fill out the DIY Quote Form (below) with your name, address and the other contact info requested. Fill in the name of each window or door opening, the width, the length and the quantity of all the window or door openings you wish to protect.
  • After you have completed the form below, please click the “submit” button and your window and door measurements will be emailed to us. A copy of them will also be emailed to you.
  • We will email you your itemized Storm Stoppers DIY Quote and cutting diagram within 48 hours. A Storm Stoppers sample will also be mailed to you.
  • Storm stoppers are in stock at our Orlando warehouses. Estimated delivery time is within 10 days of order confirmation.
  • All new customers ordering Storm Stoppers for their entire home, quality for a free DIY installation tools kit with the cutting and shaping tools demonstrated in the How to Install video.

Click here to see a: Sample Customer Cutting Diagram

Storm Stoppers are delivered UNCUT. You or your handyman would cut the window and door panels at your home, based on our supplied cutting diagram.

We do not have an Orlando showroom and our Orlando Warehouse does not allow pickups. We will deliver to customers within a 100 mile radius of Orlando, for typically less than $100 delivery charge. Shipments farther away and out of Florida, will go by 18 wheeler service. These prices vary. Your delivery fee is disclosed as part of your DIY quote.

Your order will come with all regular fasteners, 1 x 1.5″, unless you specify which windows need narrow fasteners, .5 x 1.5″  and on what sides. Please use the fastener comments in the form below to specify which fasteners you will need.

If you cannot submit this form for any reason, please print out this form: Storm Stoppers Quote Form and fax it to us at 407-423-1107.

Please do not enter measurements larger than our panel sizes: 76 x 85″ & 65 x 108″ (do not enter " hash marks)


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Of course, if the following commonly asked questions do not answer your specific question, please give us a call.

Storm Stoppers are the Plywood Alternative for storm window protection for your home! Storm Stoppers lightweight hurricane panels install without screws for easy installation and removal. Our ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 are 143MPH Wall of Wind-tested Hurricane Window Protection storm panels that let in lots of light and are the only safe hurricane shutter alternative available! For more information, visit the about page.

Storm Stoppers panels are custom fit over your windows and doors. For more information about how we work, visit the about page.

The cost varies depending on your particular needs. We encourage you to get a free, no obligation quote using the form above.

Of course, you can! Use this form to get a free sample.

They sure do! But don’t take our word for it! Visit our customer testimonials page to see what our customers have to say about us!

Nope! One of the things that makes Storm Stoppers super home-friendly is that you don’t need to drill any holes! For more information about Storm Stoppers, visit the about page.


More of the hands-on type? We get that and we’ve got you covered. Sometimes seeing is believing. Whether you’re a skeptic or just want to get your hands on that corrugated plastic, we are happy to oblige.

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