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We offer an optional product called CAPS that covers the 3M fastener pieces on the window frames.  CAPS stands for Cover And Protect Strips and are made of anodized, weatherproof .060″ aluminum.  CAPS strips attach with a small 3M Dual Lock fastener to the 3M fasteners on your window frames.

Each CAPS Kit is 96 inches long and is sold with 10 3M self-adhesive fastener pieces per strip.  You cut them to size with a pair of straight cut tin snips.  Regular White 96″ CAPS sell for $16.95 per kit and Regular Bronze 96″ CAPS sell for $20.95 per kit.  We also offer Narrow White and Bronze CAPS Kits but do not recommend mixing the Regular and Narrow CAPS on a given window.  Consistency of CAPS sizes on a window looks the best.

If you are interested in trying CAPS, we have an excellent New Customer CAPS Starter Kit shown below.  This would allow you to try CAPS on at least 1 window and see how you like them.  This includes 6 of our 96″ CAPS Kits and a pair of straight cut tin snips (normally $20).  Purchased separately, a 6 pack of 96″ White CAPS would be $130 including tax and a 6 pack of 96″ Bronze CAPS would be $150.

New Customer CAPS Starter Kits:
6–96″ WHITE CAPS Starter Kit for $109.95

6–96″ BRONZE CAPS Starter Kit for $129.95

If you are interested in either of these specials, you can add them to the quote you are requesting or fill out our Contact Us form indicating you are interested in purchasing CAPS.

Before CAPS

After CAPS

Bronze CAPS

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