How to Install Storm Stoppers

Watch Video Storm Stoppers Inventor, John D. Smith, show you how to cut and install Storm Stoppers.

Notching out Storm Stoppers Panel for Protruding Handle–Part 1

Learn how to notch out the Storm Stoppers panel to overcome a protrusion, such as a door knob or handle.

Notching out Storm Stoppers Panel for Protruding Door Handle–Part 2

Learn how to transfer the measurements for the cut out to the Storm Stoppers panel.

Installing Storm Stoppers on an Aquarium Window

How to mount Storm Stoppers to a right angle/aquarium window, using a 1/8″ thick piece of angle aluminum.

Installing on Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

How to protect an oversized 8 foot wide slider with our welded center support brace.

Installing our Welded Brace on a slider without any bottom frame

Learn how to mount the welded brace at the bottom of sliding glass doors without a bottom frame. Mounting a span of angle aluminum at the bottom of a slider, when you don’t have a way to attach the welded brace at the bottom.

Protecting a Front Door with Storm Stoppers

How to protect a front door with glass sidelights.

Cutting Storm Stoppers for an arch

How to cut Storm Stoppers for a perfect circle and eyebrow arch.

Installing Storm Stoppers over moulding

Using doubled up 3M Dual Lock fasteners to build out the Storm Stoppers to overcome wood molding around windows.