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Storm Stoppers are the first and only DIY storm window protection for your home! Storm Stoppers lightweight hurricane panels install without screws for easy installation and removal. Our ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996 are 143MPH Wall of Wind-tested Hurricane Window Protection storm panels that let in lots of light and are the only safe hurricane shutter alternative available!

143 mph Wall of Wind Tested
ASTM E 1886 & ASTM E 1996 Large Missile Tested
Safe escape from the inside in an emergency
Looks great on your home
No holes in your home
Lets light in


Storm Stoppers have been 143 mph wind tested at the Wall of Wind Hurricane and Tornado Simulator in Miami, Florida. The Wall of Wind (WOW) testing facility is part of the International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) at Florida International University. This 143 mph wind test included both positive and negative wind pressure, along with wind driven rain directed against Storm Stoppers flush mounted to all 4 sides of the specially constructed testing building supplied by the IRHC.

At 143 mph at 30 feet above the ground (corresponding to the 126.8 mph at 10.5 wind testing profile as shown on the screen), the testing structure suffered a foundation failure, causing the 3,000 lb structure to roll end over end 50 feet away. The Storm Stoppers DIY Shutter System stayed securely attached throughout.


Made from lightweight corrugated-plastic, Storm Stoppers technology makes protection easier and less costly. Let’s face it, having shutters installed costs thousands of dollars and most homeowners can’t afford it. Not to mention that when you’re storm prepping, there’s just no time for this. The alternative and cheaper solution is to wrestle huge sheets of plywood from your local home improvement store and nail yourself into a self-made dungeon. That is, until Storm Stoppers. Storm Stoppers is the first do-it-yourself hurricane shutter.

About Storm Stoppers
Storm Stoppers Panels are Translucent

Shark Tank
As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Storm Stoppers was featured on the 100th Episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, now re-airing on CNBC.

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“Storm Stoppers ASTM E1886 & ASTM E1996-03 Large Missile 2×4′ Test Report describes impact testing resistance to windborne debris in winds up to 130 MPH, which is within the range of a Category 4 Major Hurricane.”

“The ‘Wall of Wind’ test report from Florida International University of Miami, International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) describes the hurricane force of a wind and rain test of Storm Stoppers as being able to stand up to winds over over 143 MPH, which is within range of a Category 4 Major Hurricane. ”

“Civil Engineer Barrett Crook of Kitty Hawk Engineering confirms that the Wall of Wind test facility test shows Storm Stoppers standing up to winds of 143 MPH, which is within the range of a Category 4 Major Hurricane.”


More of the hands-on type? We get that and we’ve got you covered. Sometimes seeing is believing. Whether you’re a skeptic or just want to get your hands on that corrugated plastic, we are happy to oblige.

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Storm Stoppers Shark Tank Summary

S hark Tank's Season 6, Episode 9--which happened to be the show's 100th episode--featured Storm Stoppers very own, CEO John D. Smith. John pitched Storm Stoppers beautifully! John began with a comical quip, comparing hurricanes to in-laws. He explains, hurricanes [...]

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