3 Easy Steps to Get a Free DIY Quote

  1. Watch theHow to Install Video”, to the right. This will show you how you can easily cut and install Storm Stoppers with a carpet knife and straight edge, no power tools needed.
  2. If you have any perfect circle arches, watch the video on the right showingHow to Measure a Perfect Circle Arch“.
  3. Watch the 2 videos to the right showingHow to Measure Narrow and Regular Flush-Mounted Window Frames“.
  4. Watch theHow to Measurevideo (on the right) and measure all your doors and windows.
  5. Complete the DIY Quote Form below with your address info along with your window and door measurements. It is very helpful if you name the openings (i.e. “Kitchen”, “Living Room”, etc.), instead of just providing a bunch of unnamed measurements. Please input the width first, followed by the height of all the window or door openings you want to protect. To save space, the form below allows you to input 5 windows at a time. To add more, click the “YES I WANT TO ADD MORE” button after the 5th window submission, and another 5 input spaces will show up.

Once you submit your request, you will receive an auto-response email that confirms it has been received by our Orlando office.  This email will contain the measurements you submitted.  

Your itemized quote and cutting diagram will be emailed to you within 48 hours or sooner of your Storm Stoppers DIY Quote submission.  A Storm Stoppers representative will call you once your itemized quote and cutting diagram has been emailed to you.  If you have not already received one, a Storm Stoppers sample will also be mailed to you.

*Note: Average freight shipping from our Orlando Florida warehouse to other states is $325, whether we are shipping materials for 6 windows or 60 windows. 

We do NOT sell the panels without the fasteners. If you want just the plastic by itself, please go to www.plywoodalternative.com.

How Your Price is Determined:

The cost for Storm Stoppers is determined by the yield of your window sizes on our oversized 65 x 108” (5 ½ x 9 feet) and 76 x 85” (6 ½ x 7 feet) Storm Stoppers kits, so until you submit your window and door measurements, it is not possible to give you a price. To see a sample cutting diagram illustration, showing how the price is determined by the yield, please click here.

Delivery Information:

  • Storm Stoppers are delivered uncut in either 76 x 85” or 65 x 108” panel sizes, per your cutting yield diagram. You or your handyman would cut the window and door panels. onsite at your location, using our supplied small cutting diagram. The free cutting yield diagram is printed on 8 x 11” paper and is included in the box of installation components that is delivered with your Storm Stoppers panels and any ordered CAPS Covers. It is also emailed to you, along with the itemized Storm Stoppers DIY quote.
  • Customers ordering for their entire home will receive a free DIY Installation Tools Kit. This is a value of $85 and includes the carpet knife, surform shaver, 2 spring clamps, a marker, 86” straight edge and the apron, as shown in the DIY Installation Video.
  • You can also text photos to cell number, (407)719-6988.
  • If you cannot submit this form for any reason, please download the form here, print, complete and fax to us at (407)423-1107.

Please do not enter measurements larger than our panel sizes: 76 x 85″ & 65 x 108″ (do not enter " hash marks)

Fastener Comments: Please let us know which openings will need the narrow 3M Dual Lock fastener pairs and which openings need the regular fastener pairs. The Storm Stoppers sample has both sizes fasteners on it. You can detach both sizes, hold them up to your window frames and determine the fastener sizes. If you aren’t sure, or haven’t received a sample yet, please email us photos of all your window frames. Stand back and take the photo so we can see all 4 sides of the frames.