See what our valued customers say about Storm Stoppers

“Amazing! And it works!

…Just a couple of taps around and it’s on.”

“Easy for us to put on.

…and didn’t leave holes in our house.”

“Easy to put up!

…I can do it by myself.”

“This thing is great!

…Blended into the house perfectly.”

I am very impressed and pleased with your product. The panels are not heavy. The installation instructions are precise and detailed. I especially liked the fact that you included ALL required tools. You thought of everything!!

Gary & Vicky G. , The Villages, FL

Storm Stoppers customer service was excellent! Each time I contacted the company by phone or email, I received a reply from a representative within 24 hours. The delivery person also helped me cut the panel for my front door. I love my Storm Stoppers and you will too!

Wynn P., Winter Park, FL

My husband and I installed our 12 Storm Stoppers panels quickly and easily. After evacuating to Orlando (During Category 4-Hurricane Matthew), Storm Stoppers protected our home against wind gusts of 107 mph.

Michele & Ron B. , Satellite Beach, FL

We have had these panel for over 10 years and have used them before for storms and we can say that this is the best money we could have spent for protection for our home and us. We are very happy with your product.

Gerald L.

Storm Stoppers is proud to have stood with our customers through each storm.

Storm Stoppers has protected thousands of customer homes during six major hurricanes since 2005. These include:

  • Category 2 Hurricane Sandy, which hit New Jersey and the Eastern U.S. Coast in October & November of 2012
  • Category 1 Hurricane Isaac, which hit Louisiana in August of 2012
  • Category 2 Hurricane Irene, which hit North Carolina, Virginia and the Eastern U.S. Coast in August of 2011
  • Category 2 Hurricane Ike, which hit Texas in October of 2008
  • Category 2 Hurricane Gustav, which hit Louisiana in August of 2008
  • Category 3 Hurricane Wilma, which hit South Florida in October of 2005

Storm Stoppers performance on Flush-mounted windows during hurricanes:

Flush-mounted windows are windows that are even or “flush” with the outside siding. Thus, a Storm Stoppers panel, mounted to a flush mounted window would stick out and both the panel and the 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners would be exposed to the full force of hurricane winds.

Some of the homes that Storm Stoppers has been used on during major hurricanes have had flush-mounted windows. For example, Mrs. Florene Deckard’s home in Edmond, Oklahoma has flush mounted windows and she protected her home with Storm Stoppers during an EF-02 Tornado, with winds up to 130 mph, in 2015. You can see what flush mounted windows look like in the testimonial from Gary G. in The Villages, below.

The 143 mph Wall of Wind Lab Test of Storm Stoppers, as shown on the home page, shows the testing structure had flush-mounted windows as well.


More of the hands-on type? We get that and we’ve got you covered. Sometimes seeing is believing. Whether you’re a skeptic or just want to get your hands on that corrugated plastic, we are happy to oblige.

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